Top 5 latest trends in Green buildings

People in huge numbers across the globe have been going green every year, since they are concerned with the worsening environment. According to the industry experts, there is absolutely nothing which would stop this trend. Product disclosure declarations and cloud based building automation tools are considered to be among the most important green building mega trend that has been identified by the industry experts.

List of top green building trends

Green buildings are set to continue its powerful development in 2018: Experts are of the opinion that there would be continued real estate construction expansion in the commercial sector along with university, government, school and non-profit construction. Rather, they state that the Tsunami of future can be termed to be Green building, which is likely to have the whole real estate industry to be inundated.

Healthy and good quality building products combined with product disclosure declarations with different chemicals ‘Red Lists’ of concern, would suddenly become increasingly contentious. Like it has been manifested through tools like Health Product Declarations. Manufacturers of building products have been trying to gin increasingly or to maintain the market share based upon open disclosure with regards to chemicals of concerns. The experts also tend to foresee that disclosure systems that are industry developed would compete with the systems that are provided by 3rd party rating agencies in dozens.

Blue is expected to be stated the New Green: The leading building managers and designers being aware of the global crisis with regards to supply of fresh water are likely to take effective and efficient steps for reducing consumption of water as much as possible for increasing sustainability. It will be carried out in buildings by using more fixtures that are conservation oriented, innovative and sophisticated water technologies and rainwater recovery systems. This is something that is being carried out in almost all green buildings across the globe.

Buildings will continue to make use of solar power in the near future: This trend is only expected to be enhanced by increasing focus upon municipal utilities, since they are required to comply with the renewable power standards at the state level. 3rd party financing partnerships are likely to continue to develop as before, providing a good amount of capital for the larger rooftop systems like that on warehouses. Big wind and solar systems may also be introduced, but this depends upon the kind of support that the government provides to the manufacturers and builders.

Zero-net-energy buildings design and operation: With green building going mainstream, there are many building developers and owners, who, in order to distinguish themselves have taken logical steps. This is to avail zero net energy annually. The reason cited for the same it because, they believe it to be the correct thing to undertake.

The above are the top five trends noticed in Green buildings.


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