Are your Solar Pannels loosing efficiency over time ?

Solar Panels are constantly exposed to the harsh condition of weather. Specially during rainy seasons, dust is deposited onto the Solar Panels, which solidifies after evaporation of water from the surface, leaving dirt stuck on the surface. This dirt reduces the efficiency of your Solar Panels by reducing the amount of light entering the panels.


Protection with Star Solar Shield

Star Solar Shield is a completely transparent, ultra hydrophobic coating for application on Solar Panels. It forms a thin, transparent layer over the Solar Panels which can repel water droplets upto 0.004 microns small. It repels dust and water from the surface of Solar Panels, and never lets sedimentation of dirt on the surface.

Star Solar Shield has durability of 5+ years.

Specially Engineering for Solar Panels

We have spent 4 years on R&D of the perfect product for protection of Solar Panels which is


Star Solar Shield is transparent, hence it allows complete penetration of sunlight after application.

Water Repellant

Nano Technology with repels water droplets upto 0.004microns small. Clean your Solar Panels easily with mild wash.

Dust Repellant

Star Solar Shield repels dust particles from settling on the Solar Panels. Any dirt or dust can be easily removed with water.

Getting Solar Pannels is Not Enough

Protect them with Star Solar Shield &

Save Energy

No evergy loss due to dirt & dust deposit.

Cut Costs

Reduce periodic cleaning costs.

Save Environment

Move towards greener future.

Star Solar Shield is Easy to Apply

  • Clean the Panel & Let it Dry

  • Apply One Layer of Star Solar Shield

Make Solar Pannels More Effiecient with Star Solar Shield

Star Solar Shield helps produce 33% more evergy everyday, compared to average dust affected Solar Panels.

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