A Paint that Cleans Itself!

Hydrophobic & Self Clean

India’s most Hydrophobic Paint which can repel water droplets up to 0.004 microns small. Easily clean your walls with water, or let the rains do it for you!

Bridges Cracks For Ever

With its powerful impact Star Self Clean Bridges gaps like they never existed. No more problems like leakage & seepage in your home.

100% Acrylic Emulsion

Which means with clean walls you also get a glossy and perfect finish look with Star Self Clean Shield Paint. This Monsoon Your Walls Will Do the Talking.

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Star Self Clean does all the hard work for you

Just pour water, and see the magic, or let the rains do it for you!

Star Self Clean paint can repel water droplets as small as 0.004 microns, making it the most hydrophobic paint available in market. When you pour water on any wall coated with Star Self Clean, water rolls down instantly, taking away all the dirt with it. So now, you can clean your walls with just a splash of water, or this monsoon, let the rains do it for you.

Highly Safe, Non Hazardous & Toxin Free Paint

Now Paint Smell Paint Without Any Tension

Star Self Clean Paint is Simple made with natural material to protect your health. It is toxic free & is safe to be around.  Even after years of usage Self Clean promises to protect your wall like never before. With the growing toxication is ever product being aware is always necessary. With Star Self Clean Shield You don’t have to worry about the toxication. We Give you our word that it is safe.

No More Growth of Fungus & Algae

Say Good Bye To All The Gross Growth Of Dirty Green Smug.

The most common reason for the growth of fungus and algae on walls is deposition of water, dirt and rising dampness. Star Self Clean never lets even a single drop of water sit on the walls, making them completely fungus and algae proof. It trickles downs all the water and keeps your walls clean.

Pick Any Color, We Have It All

Explore The Wide Range & Variety Of Colors With Us

Star Self Clean is available in various colors. Now protecting your walls and keeping them clean is all in one package. Along with its glossy perfect finish & ability to clean dirt with just water Star Self Clean will fit in your house perfectly with any color you ask for.

Apply in 3 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Affected Wall Well.

    Use sand paper and high pressure water.

    Get rid of black color, fungus & dirt.

  • Now Apply Primer

    Apply Star Self Clean Primer evenly after cleaning the walls.

  • Finally, Apply Star Self Clean Paint

    Dilute Star Self Clean with 10-20% soft water. Now apply 1st Coat, Allow it to dry for 4 hours. Now Appy 2nd or 3rd coat as desiredPaint will dry in 72 hours.

Make the Right Choice this Monsoon with Star Self Clean

Star Self Clean Paint. A Paint That Cleans Itself.

Watch the Video to Witness the Magic of Star Self Clean!

*Star Self Clean was formerly knows as Star X Clean

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