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    Introducing Star Metal Shield To Protect Metals & Ceramics From Dust & Water

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The Ultimate Protection For Metals & Ceramics

Moisture makes Metals & Ceramics prone to stains, rust & corrosion. Regular washing & cleaning requires labor, water, time and other resources. It’s better to give these Metals & Ceramics an added layer of protection. Get them coated with Star Metal Shield for long term durability and protection against oxidation and degeneration of any kind.

Based on Nano-modified Composite Polymers, Star Metal Shield is Ultra Hydrophobic

It is a transparent ultra-hydrophobic coating for metal surfaces which fills all the pores to create a scratch resistant transparent lamination which protects the surface from Water & Dust.   

The lamination formed by Star Metal Shield is

✓ Anti Corrosive

✓ Rust Proof

Excellent Weather Stability, Self Cleaning Nature!

Star Metal Shield is composed of inorganic networks which provide you excellent weather stability. And yes, due to dust repellent property, Star Metal Shield is Self Cleaning in nature and provides excellent long term durability & shine to metals & ceramics.

Transparent Coating, Ultra Hydrophobic Nature

Star Metal Shield is Completely Transparent coating, which can be applied on any surface of metal or ceramic without compromising on it’s original look. A surface treated with Star Metal Shield ensures, not even a single water droplet is able to penetrate.

How it Works ?

Star Metal Shield creates a Transparent Nanoparticle Lamination on the surface coated. Once applied, it seals all the pores on the surface by creating a thin hydrophobic layer. The layer prevents every possible penetration of the water droplets and makes the surface water proof. It can repel water droplets as small as 0.004 Microns.

Start protecting Metals & Ceramics with Star Metal Shield

Long lasting protection of 5 Years!

There is no other products like Star Metal Shield available in the market. It provides long lasting protection to the surface and covers more area so it is lighter to your pockets as well. 


300-350 sqft/ltr

Coverage Cost

 ₹3.28 – ₹4.30 /SQ FT

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Star Metal Shield is Easy to Apply

Applying Star Metal Shield

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Surface

    Make sure the surface is free from dust, water & stains. Remove all kinds of residue with a clean dry cotton cloth.

  • Apply Star Metal Shield

    Mix base & hardener of Star Metal Shield in 5:1 ratio to form a homogenous mixture and apply uniformly using a brush/roller/spray.

  • Wait & See the Magic

    Leave the surface overnight to dry out completely.

  • Note

    Shake Star Metal Shield well before use

Where Can You Apply ?

Apply on any Metal & Ceramic Surfaces

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Washbasin
  • Commode
  • Ceramic Show Pieces

Few More Benefits of Star Metal Shield

Eco Friendly

It does not contain any hazardous chemicals or isocyanates so it is safe to use.

Preserves Original Appearance

It works without affecting the original feel and texture of paint.

Scratch Resistant

Star Metal Shield has anti graffiti property which makes it scratch resistant.

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