Rain, mud, ketchup, syrup and other liquids don’t stand a chance

Accidental spillage of liquids on Dresses & Fabrics cause a great mess and can spoil your mood. So we have worked out Nano Technology and produced Star Fabric Shield, a Super Hydrophobic Coating for Fabrics, which repel every possible drop of liquid if accidentally spilled.

Works on Thread Level, allowing Fabrics to Breathe

Star Fabric Shield works on thread level and doesn’t block breathing ability of fabrics. It creates a transparent lamination on fabric it is coated on, the coating is capable of repling upto 0.004 microns water droplets.

Cost Effective Solution To Prevent Fabrics

Star Fabric Shield is one of the most cost effective solutions for waterproofing fabrics available in the market today.

Coverage Cost

₹12.39 – ₹15.49 /SQ FT

Maintain Quality, Enhance Life of Fabrics

Star Fabric Shield does not affect the original feel & appearance of fabrics, the surface stays breathable, vapor absorbent & hygienic. It adds on to life of your fabrics by providing protection from dust particles & pollutants.

How it Works ?

Star Fabric Shield, when applied through padding, dipping or spraying forms a transparent lamination coat on minute threads of Fabric & textiles. The coating formed is able to repel up to 0.004 microns water droplets and dust particles maintaining the quality of the fabric.

Start Protecting your Fabrics from Water & Dust with Star Fabic Shield

Safe for health, Economical to pocket

Star Fabric Shield doesn’t have any solvents and is purely a water base coating, thus it is also highly safe & hygienic to human body, gentle on cloths & very durable & economical


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Star Fabric Shield is Easy to Apply

Applying Star Fabric Shield

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Surface

    Make sure the surface is free from dust, water & stains.

  • Apply Uniformly on Fabric

    Apply through uniform spraying, padding or dipping the cloth. Let it soak till it becomes wet properly.

  • Dry Out the Fabric

    Make it dry in normal environmental conditions and then apply hot iron or air blower uniformly for some time

  • Note

    Shake Star Fabric Shield well before use.

Where Can You Apply ?

Multi Purpose Applications

  • Clothes, Fabrics, Textiles

    Fabric & Dresses of Kids, Athletes, Beach & Swimwears, Bikers, Laboratory Clothings etc

  • Household Things

    Like Curtains, Quilts, Drapes, Embroidery, Carpets, Sofa, Ottoman and other Upholstery items

  • Public Place Use

    Table Covers of Restaurants & Hotels, Bed sheets & Blankets, Beddings of Hotels, Railways, Cinema & Auditorium seats, Hospital Clothings etc

  • Car Interiors

    You can also use Star Fabric Shield for protection of Fabrics of your Car’s Interior as well

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Few More Benefits of Star Fabric Shield


Star Fabric Shield prevents microbial growth on your precious Fabrics

Non Toxic

Being acid free, non-toxic and non-hazardous, it is safe to use

Quality Assurance

Does not affect the original feel of the fabric and brings a spotless experience.

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