Why using Star Bacteria Shield is a Smart Choice!

Anti-Bacterial Property

Specially designed Nano-Technology based anti-bacterial water repellent coating/ Paint, Which not only kills but also prevents the growth of micro-organisms

Odourless, Zero Turn Around Time

Star Bacteria Shield is a Odourless paint so it has zero turn around time i.e. You can immediately start living in a newly painted room with no fear of any toxic release from paint

Washable & Scrub Resistant

Star Hygiene Shield is hard and highly durable self-protective paint having an anti-microbial property that does not peel out. Works on all types of masonry surfaces to keep them bacteria free.

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Longer Anti Bacterial Property Than Any Other Paint

After drying forms a high cross-linked protective anti-bacterial polymer network. The coating not only kills but also prevents the growth of micro-organism like Mold/ Fungi/ Yeasts/ Bacteria/ Virus & protects from odor causing bacteria & other Nosocomial infections.

The Nano Technology based Star Bacteria Shield provides a protective covering to the interior walls and does not let the microbes grow on them making the surfaces clean and hygienic.

Bacterias & Micro-organisms fear Star Bacteria Shield

Kill & prevents growth of any such harmful elements at your home.

  • It provides a higher level of protection that keeps the wall bacteria free, fungus free and mold free.

  • Its protection property of destabilizing bacterial and pathogenic for wide range of microbes is unmatched.

  • Star Hygiene Shield is eco-friendly water repellent coating and is also scrub resistance.

  • Star Bacteria Shield prevents the spread of infections and diseases at places you live

Star Bacteria Shield Can Be Applied At





Public Places

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Pick Any Color, We Have It All

Beauty of Walls with Protection of Family.

Star Bacteria Shield is available in all colors. Now protecting your walls and keeping them clean & healthy is all in one package. The paint is Scrub & Water resistant which makes it easy to clean as well.

Steps of Application

  • Clean the area

    Scrub & Clean the Walls thoroughly.  Use bio-wash fungicidal solution for removal of fungus & algae, if required. Allow the surface to  dry completely. Fill all the cracks prior to applying paint.

  • Primer & Putty

    Now apply Star N primer to the wall along with suitable putty. After drying of putty, make the surface uniform by sanding with emery paper.

  • Mix Water & Apply

    Add 10-15% of soft water in Star Hygiene Shield and form a homogenous mixture.  Apply 2-3 coats of mixture generously. Ensure 4-5 hours of drying interval between every coat.

Choose Star Bacteria Shield, because a healthy family starts with a healthy home.

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