Seepage and Leakage Destroy Your Building’s Beauty

Leakage and seepage of water is very common problem in new and old buildings. An unprotected building can absorb plenty of water & also penetrates into the pores of the walls through capillaries. Improper slopes, clogged drainage pipes, cracks and damages, results in standing water which leads to seepage and leakage.

No More Seepage and Leakage In Your Homes & Buildings

These leakages causes multiple damages to the buildings like further cracks by swelling and shrinkage of ceilings, destruction of concrete caused by corrosion of reinforced steel, lime leaching, binder transformation, chemical corrosion, etc. It also increases the risk of fungus and algae. Due to this the life of building gets reduced very fast and it also makes you live in dirty, messy and smelly home.

Star Aqua Shield Creates Rubber Like Seal For Your Buildings

Star Aqua shield is a fluid applied, white, tough and flexible waterproof membrane, formulated with100% acrylic elastomeric resin which forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection that expands and contracts with roofs. Star Aqua Shield is truly waterproof for flat roofs, pitched roofs, Parapet Walls, Metal Roof Decks, Terraces, etc.

Coverage Cost

₹12.39 – ₹15.49 /SQ FT

Creates A Seamless Water Resistant Membrane

Star Aqua Shield provides a seamless roofing membrane that stays watertight longer than conventional seamed roofs.

It will not crack, crumble, or peel despite exposure to severe weather or total joint movement. Uses For waterproofing and protecting a wide assortment of roofing substrates that are structurally sound such as Concrete roofs, corrugated metal roofs, asphalt shingles, PU foam, wood etc.

Safe and Ecofriendly, Economical to pocket

• Completely seamless roof

• Expands and contracts – clings to your roof at all temperatures

• Energy Star rated product which saves Energy

• Reflects the sun’s UV-rays & Protects corrosion

• Low VOC, non-toxic and environmentally compliant

• Fire retardant and provide insulation to heat and sound.


How it Works ?

Star Aqua Shield, when applied forms a thick rubber like blanket of Protection, which is cable to expand and contract with roof. This layer of Star Aqua Shield creates a seal which does complete waterproofing and would not allow even a single water drop to penetrate.

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Star Aqua Shield is Easy to Apply

Applying Star Aqua Shield

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Surface

    Scrub and clean all the dust and sirt of the surface to be painted. Wash the surface with high pressure water & leave it to dry.

  • Apply First Coat

    Dilute the Solution with 25% water. Apply First Coat.

  • Apply Final Coat after 4 Hours

    After letting it dry for 48 hours experience the difference yourself.

  • Note

    Shake Star Aqua Shield well before use.

Where Can You Apply ?

Multi Purpose Applications

  • Buildings

    Public Houses, Apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Animal Sheds, Hotels,  Restaurants, Cafes, Sports Facilities, Industrial Property, Office/Warehouses.

  • All Types of Roof

    RCC, Tile, Asbestos, GI Roof,

    Kota Stone etc.

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Few More Benefits of Star Aqua Shield

Corrosion Resistant

Star Aqua Shield is resistant to all natural means of corrosion up to 5 years.

Non Toxic

Being acid free, non-toxic and non-hazardous, it is safe to use

Quality Assurance

Does not affect the original feel of the fabric and brings a spotless experience.

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