Heat Reflective Paint for your House

Global warming has brought about significant changes in the climatic conditions world over. Summers have become hotter, winters have become colder and rains occur anytime of the year. A building or home roof is drastically affected due to the Sun’s heat or Rainwater.  Continuous exposure to sun radiations or rains makes a building roof and walls weak creating cracks. Apart from this damage, the usage of air conditioners has increased resulting in increased consumption of power. Here comes the need of Heat Reflective Paints. 

Heat Reflective Paint has been designed in such a way that it protects the roof from the harmful radiations of sun. It reflects more sunlight and absorbs less amount of heat. This roof cooling paint helps to keep the buildings and its interior cool leading to less consumption of power.


The advantages of Heat Reflective Paint are:

  • Decreasing the need of air conditioners
  • Providing more comfort in the interior of the buildings
  • Extending the life of the roof by decreasing the temperature
  • Cooling upto 22 degrees Celsius
  • Eco friendly


Best usage of Heat Reflective Paint


Roof cooling paints also provide water resistance to a great extent protecting the roof not only from sunlight but also rains. This heat reflective paint is also the best metal roof paint. This is because painting a metal roof helps increase its solar reflectance properties and thermal remittance. This in turn helps to achieve a cool roof. Apart from being the best metal roof paint, it also provides thermal insulation coating required to reduce heat transfer.


Heat Reflective Paint can be applied on :

  • Houses
  • Factories and industries
  • Water tanks & pipelines
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Office & Green buildings
  • Malls

Ceramic paint insulations are also being used to enhance the life of roofs and walls. It can be mixed up with any paint or coating and can be applied to any exterior, interior or rood of houses and buildings. Ceramic paint insulations block heat radiations, provide protection against insects, fire etc, thus increasing its life span.


Additional advantages of ceramic paint insulations are:

It reduces the need to paint more often

It provides resistance to stains

It is non toxic , hence it’s not dangerous

It can be used not only on the exterior but also interior surface.  


For achieving best results, ceramic paints can be applied in the exteriors during summer season and in the interiors during winter season.  Also, it does not change the original color of your paint.  

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