Top 5 latest trends in Green buildings

People in huge numbers across the globe have been going green every year, since they are concerned with the worsening environment. According to the industry experts, there is absolutely nothing which would stop this trend. Product disclosure declarations and cloud based building automation tools are considered to be among the most important green building mega trend that has been identified by the industry experts.

List of top green building trends

Green buildings are set to continue its powerful development in 2018: Experts are of the opinion that there would be continued real estate construction expansion in the commercial sector along with university, government, school and non-profit construction. Rather, they state that the Tsunami of future can be termed to be Green building, which is likely to have the whole real estate industry to be inundated.

Healthy and good quality building products combined with product disclosure declarations with different chemicals ‘Red Lists’ of concern, would suddenly become increasingly contentious. Like it has been manifested through tools like Health Product Declarations. Manufacturers of building products have been trying to gin increasingly or to maintain the market share based upon open disclosure with regards to chemicals of concerns. The experts also tend to foresee that disclosure systems that are industry developed would compete with the systems that are provided by 3rd party rating agencies in dozens.

Blue is expected to be stated the New Green: The leading building managers and designers being aware of the global crisis with regards to supply of fresh water are likely to take effective and efficient steps for reducing consumption of water as much as possible for increasing sustainability. It will be carried out in buildings by using more fixtures that are conservation oriented, innovative and sophisticated water technologies and rainwater recovery systems. This is something that is being carried out in almost all green buildings across the globe.

Buildings will continue to make use of solar power in the near future: This trend is only expected to be enhanced by increasing focus upon municipal utilities, since they are required to comply with the renewable power standards at the state level. 3rd party financing partnerships are likely to continue to develop as before, providing a good amount of capital for the larger rooftop systems like that on warehouses. Big wind and solar systems may also be introduced, but this depends upon the kind of support that the government provides to the manufacturers and builders.

Zero-net-energy buildings design and operation: With green building going mainstream, there are many building developers and owners, who, in order to distinguish themselves have taken logical steps. This is to avail zero net energy annually. The reason cited for the same it because, they believe it to be the correct thing to undertake.

The above are the top five trends noticed in Green buildings.


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Roof cooling with Heat Reflective Paint

The home is indeed the dream of every person. Hence, proper and constant attention is to be given to it. Always, the person could be spending money related to home enhancement projects, which could probably be both minor and major. Renovating roofs is regarded to be the latest that has picked up currently. Can a roof be painted? This is one question that is asked by many home owners across the globe, to which the experts state it is very much important for the roof to be properly painted. Here is why you need Heat Reflective Paint for your roofs & walls

Enhancing the value of the home with Heat Reflective Paint

With ceramic paint insulation of Heat Reflective Paint, roof cooling and increasing its durability and strength is possible. Applying roof paint coat is stated to be an important activity that the home owner should not neglect or avoid. Besides serving practical purpose, it is also aesthetic to have the roofs painted and ceramic paint additive used. The coating does help the roof to be well protected and gets that new, beautiful look that is sure to be appreciated and praised by everyone. Using roof paint is likely to serve dual purpose of protecting it as well as giving the house a new lease of life and look, something that cannot be denied.

Can a roof be painted – How to get it done?

  • The very first step involves cleaning the ceiling. Proper attention is to be paid to the cleaning, since it needs to be thorough, while making use of pressure washer. This can help to eliminate all impurities and dirt from surface, while making it dirt free.
  • If any tiles are cracked or broken, needs to be identified, so that while carrying out coating, repairing work can also be undertaken.
  • If there is a metal ceiling, then it should not have any rust trace on it.
  • All types of repair work, if necessary, are to be completed 24 hours before painting is started. This way, the roof can be dry completely when performing painting.
  • Moreover, a good fungicide along with ceramic paint insulation needs to be used to ensure that moulds do not develop.
  • The current weather forecast needs to be kept in mind before starting the painting job.
  • Quality of roof cooling and ceramic paint additive is to be paid attention.

Making use of good quality roof paint can help the roof to become durable and enhance the overall beauty and value of the home.

Heat Reflective Paint – Protection From Heat

Applying paints in the home, be it exterior or interior does enhance its overall beauty and looks. Be it aesthetic or practical, people always have relied upon paints to preserve culture, impressions of beauty and expression of thoughts. Without color, it is not possible for communities to convey and exude positive messages. The paint being created from binders, pigments, solvents, additives and resins is considered to be among the most easily availed liquid besides water as well as fossil fuel. Heat Reflective Paint for walls is currently in huge demand in the market.

Industrial coating with Heat Reflective Paint

Besides paintings which are generally used in art works, industrial coating is known to have niche of its own. Its protective properties is what defines it than its beauty, even though both can be exhibited. Such type of Heat Reflective Paint is used on buildings mainly. They provide the following:

  • Protection from rain/water including other elements
  • Safeguard metals from corrosive substances/material
  • Offer protection from fire
  • At times provide insulation, especially reflective white paint types.

Since it is as industrial type that they are classified into, this paint type is commonly used in:

  • Houses, building, similar structures
  • Used in metal armatures, beams, railings, support frames, ceilings, building walls
  • Used in floors, particularly on some sports facilities and garage, requiring glossy, non-slippery surfaces.
  • Could be applied making use  of roller, pressure tank that is outfitted airbrush tools and paintbrush

People who are contemplating  to make use of these should understand that special paints are found in dozens in the market and needs to be selected of premium quality, from the right store. This way, not only protection is guaranteed, but also its beauty. However, making use of wrong ones may result in wasting a good sum of money and also sacrifice on quality, while compromising the looks and durability of the home.

Getting to know few things

In today’s hi-tech age, where countless attempts and innovations are made globally for providing the best quality services and tools to the end users, painting the building is actually not a simple task to undertake similar to that of purchasing paints in gallons and having them applied as desired. Presently, there are available myriad of options to choose from besides surface bonding, color, finish quality and brand, graffiti and dust resistance, including environment friendliness.

Now, one can come across a thing like environment friendly and safe paint!

Heat Reflective Paint for your House

Global warming has brought about significant changes in the climatic conditions world over. Summers have become hotter, winters have become colder and rains occur anytime of the year. A building or home roof is drastically affected due to the Sun’s heat or Rainwater.  Continuous exposure to sun radiations or rains makes a building roof and walls weak creating cracks. Apart from this damage, the usage of air conditioners has increased resulting in increased consumption of power. Here comes the need of Heat Reflective Paints. 

Heat Reflective Paint has been designed in such a way that it protects the roof from the harmful radiations of sun. It reflects more sunlight and absorbs less amount of heat. This roof cooling paint helps to keep the buildings and its interior cool leading to less consumption of power.


The advantages of Heat Reflective Paint are:

  • Decreasing the need of air conditioners
  • Providing more comfort in the interior of the buildings
  • Extending the life of the roof by decreasing the temperature
  • Cooling upto 22 degrees Celsius
  • Eco friendly


Best usage of Heat Reflective Paint


Roof cooling paints also provide water resistance to a great extent protecting the roof not only from sunlight but also rains. This heat reflective paint is also the best metal roof paint. This is because painting a metal roof helps increase its solar reflectance properties and thermal remittance. This in turn helps to achieve a cool roof. Apart from being the best metal roof paint, it also provides thermal insulation coating required to reduce heat transfer.


Heat Reflective Paint can be applied on :

  • Houses
  • Factories and industries
  • Water tanks & pipelines
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Office & Green buildings
  • Malls

Ceramic paint insulations are also being used to enhance the life of roofs and walls. It can be mixed up with any paint or coating and can be applied to any exterior, interior or rood of houses and buildings. Ceramic paint insulations block heat radiations, provide protection against insects, fire etc, thus increasing its life span.


Additional advantages of ceramic paint insulations are:

It reduces the need to paint more often

It provides resistance to stains

It is non toxic , hence it’s not dangerous

It can be used not only on the exterior but also interior surface.  


For achieving best results, ceramic paints can be applied in the exteriors during summer season and in the interiors during winter season.  Also, it does not change the original color of your paint.  

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Best Cool Roof Paint Coating to keep your house cool during Summers

Around 70 percent of the heat in a house or building enters through the roof. This is the reason why roofs gets heated up and which in turn heats the interiors. It becomes very important to reflect and block the sun radiations at the roof level itself. This can be done by applying Cool Roof Paint. It is one of the best solutions to block the heat. Cool roof paint can be made from a covering sheet or reflecting tiles or paint. It is usually white in color known to reflect heat and bring a cooling effect.

Cool roof paints are designed in a way to absorb less sunlight and reflect more compared to any other standard roof. Coatings can be also applied on machinery and engines in order to keep the heat out and reduce friction. This helps in increasing the life line of the engines. Engine coatings lead to high performance enhancing the productivity. Cool paints help in lowering the temperature of machines making it easy to handle. Engine coatings help to increase the power of the engines and machines.

Cool Roof Paint is a must for your home!

So, this summer cool your houses, buildings, and engines with cool roof paint.  Cool roof coatings also help in reducing the temperature of the environment.  Cool roof coatings also curb the growth of bacteria and fungus on the roofs and walls. Green roof coatings can also be considered for urban areas. Cool roof coatings help in reducing the emission and effect of greenhouse gases. Buildings and roofs look much brighter and newer on applying cool roof coatings. It also reduces the usage of power which brings down the electricity bills.

Cool roof paints contain no solvents and are very easy to clean for anyone. Being non toxic, it becomes an eco friendly paint.  Roofs get automatically cleaned in the rains which reduces the cleaning hassles. Cool roof paints are easily available in the market at an affordable rate.  Cool roof paints are designed in a way to extend the life of the new or the already existing material. Room temperatures are reduced up to 20 degrees Celsius.

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