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Top 5 latest trends in Green buildings

People in huge numbers across the globe have been going green every year, since they are concerned with the worsening environment. According to the industry experts, there is absolutely nothing which would stop this trend. Product disclosure declarations and cloud based building automation tools are considered to be among the most important green building mega […]

Roof cooling with Heat Reflective Paint

The home is indeed the dream of every person. Hence, proper and constant attention is to be given to it. Always, the person could be spending money related to home enhancement projects, which could probably be both minor and major. Renovating roofs is regarded to be the latest that has picked up currently. Can a […]

Heat Reflective Paint – Protection From Heat

Applying paints in the home, be it exterior or interior does enhance its overall beauty and looks. Be it aesthetic or practical, people always have relied upon paints to preserve culture, impressions of beauty and expression of thoughts. Without color, it is not possible for communities to convey and exude positive messages. The paint being […]

Heat Reflective Paint for your House

Global warming has brought about significant changes in the climatic conditions world over. Summers have become hotter, winters have become colder and rains occur anytime of the year. A building or home roof is drastically affected due to the Sun’s heat or Rainwater.  Continuous exposure to sun radiations or rains makes a building roof and […]