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Starshield is a leading brand in Nano Modified based protective solutions. The coatings provide surface based protection by forming thin layers of  Nano Particles on the surface itself. Our products protect from Heat, Water, Dust & Bacteria. Few of our products are Self Cleaning in Nature as well, Click the button below to check out our products or contact us!






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Star Quality Painting Service

Star Quality Painting Service involves use of modern industry standard tools to provide best in class painting service experience. We ensure that you get FASTER, CLEANER & BETTER service every time you choose Star Quality Painting Service. We remove pain from painting and provide a hassle free painting experience with our automated painting tools.

Get best quality results in 50% less time. Choose Star Quality Painting Service Today.

  • Designer Walls
  • Waterproofing & Protection
  • Express Painting

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Protective Paints & Coatings

Star Damp Shield

Damp Resistant Coating For Walls, Can be Applied on Wet Surfaces as Well

Star Self Clean

Paint for walls which Clean’s by Itself due to Ultra Hydrophobic properties

Star Bacteria Shield

Paint which prevents Growth of Microorganisms like Bacteria, Fungus etc

Star Gloss Shield

A coating to Retain Gloss & Shine of your buildings for years to come

Heat Reflective Paints & Coatings

Star Cool Shield

India’s Highest Rated Heat Reflective Coating For Walls, Roofs, Tanks etc

Star Heat Shield

Nano modified transparent coating to make Glasses Heat Insulative

Star Thermal Shield

Coatings for Industrial use to work in high temperature of 600ºC-800ºC

Waterproofing Solutions We Offer

Star Paint Shield

Coating to Retain Gloss & Shine of Paint and provide long term durability

Star Water Shield

Nano Modified coating to Waterproofing your buildings and homes

Star Solar Shield

One of it’s kind coating to Protect Solar Panels from Weathering

Star Fabric Shield

Make Fabrics Hydrophobic & Protect from Spillage of Drinks & Food

Star Glass Shield

Transparent coating for Glasses which Repels Dust & Water

Star Leather Shield

Ultra Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coating for Leather surfaces

Star Wood Shield

Ultra Hydrophobic Coating for Wooden Surfaces to protect from Dust & Water

Star Metal Shield

Transparent Coating for Metals & Ceramics to make them hydrophobic

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