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Ultra Hydrophobic

Star Water Shield can repel water droplets as small as 0.004 Microns, making it the most hydrophobic paint available in India.

One solution to all problems caused by leakage and seepage of water.

Prevent Leakage in Old & New Buildings.

Prevent growth of Fungus & Algae.

Make ANY surface waterproof.

Protection from Fungus & Algae

No absorption of water means Fungus & Algae will never get a chance to grow on any surface coated with Star Water Shield.

It’s Invisible!

Star Water Shield is a completely transparent coating, which can be applied any surface without compromising on it’s original look.

Widest Range of Application

Star Water Shield is made of Eco Friendly material, which can be applied anywhere it’s needed. It’s nanotechnology makes it a suitable coating for all types of surfaces.



Natural Stones

Lime Stones


Motor & Stucco

Chimney Columns

Exposed Aggregate Gypsum

Asbestos Sheet

Much More

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Cost Effective

Star Water Shield is one of the most cost affective waterproofing methods available in market today.

₹9.98 - ₹8.83/Sq Ft

Star Water Shield is Easy to Apply

  • Clean The Surface

    Use sand paper and high pressure water.

    Get rid of black color, fungus & dirt.

  • Apply Star Water Shield

    Apply the paint 2 times (wet on wet), to ensure the surface is covered uniformly.

  • Witness the Magic!

    Allow paint to dry for 24 hours.

    Your surface is now waterproof!


Avoid application of paint below dew point, in temperatures above 50ºC & during rains.

Watch the Video to witness the Magic of Star Water Shield

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