Need of Star Heat Shield

Due to high heat, glasses of Window Panels in our offices, homes, Glass Fascia of malls & windshield of cars gets over heated and make the place unbearable to live in, as glass has the tendency of trapping the heat by not letting it to go anywhere which is known as Green House Effect.

Windows are responsible for over 25% & glass facade is responsible for over 45% of heat transfers. It takes more power & time for air conditioners to make it comfortable, thus, it also increases the cost & the gases which come out of these also harm our atmosphere. Also reduces the efficiency in work

A transparent coating which forms a thermal barrier on Glass!

Normal glass films reduces the INFRARED & UV RAYS by minute level but also blocks the visibility as it is very dark (It is also been banned in many countries) & also gets corroded very fast due to direct sun-rays, thus, has very short life whereas energy efficient glasses are very expensive & need special structure & cannot be retro fitted in existing glass panels, moreover these are also not very much effective.

Existing Solutions

Normal glass films available reduce the temperature by only a minute level, these films also block the visibility. They also get corroded very fast due to direct exposure to Sun Rays, thus, have a every short life, also energy efficient glasses are very expensive & need special structure & cannot be retro-fitted in existing glass panels. On the other hand, this Heat Reflective Glass Coating can be applied on any Glass surface with no issues.

Star Heat Shield

Star Heat Shield, (PATENT APPL. NO: 201822095483) a nano-modified anti UV & anti IR coating with ability to block both radiant & conductive heat. Star Heat Shield, can effectively keep indoor environment cooler in summer & prevent heat loss in winter & is the ideal choice for retro fitting existing insufficient glasses.

Star Heat Shield Is an innovative & must needed product for green buildings & smart homes including Energy efficient buildings & also on windshield of cars & other automobiles. By using star Heat shield, we can reduce the inside temperature by approx 20oC in peak summers. It is an energy saving & Cost effective alternate to dark window films & costly energy efficient windows.

Star Heat Shield can be applied by Pouring/curtain method, roller, spray or Aerosol method

It doesn’t peel, crack, bubble or fade overtime & last up to 7 years with the ability to block both radiant & conductive heat. Star Heat Shield, can effectively keep indoor environment cooler in summer & prevent heat loss in winter & is the ideal choice for retrofitting existing insufficient glasses.

Unique Value Propositions

  • One of the very few coatings available in the world that can actually act as an effective thermal barrier for glass.
  • Blocks IR rays & UV rays without blocking visibility of the sun.
  • Thoroughly researched & innovative solution for Anti Heat.
  • Nano-Technology based world class raw materials are used.
  • Extra adhesion promoters help it to sting at all weather cycle.
  • It is highly durable and easy to apply. 
  • Reduces seasonal heating/cooling costs.
  •  It can reduce the inside temperature by approx 30%.
  •  Cost effective & environment friendly.
  •  Excellent hardness & scratch resistant.
  •  7 years performance life.

Variants Available

for both Buildings & Automobiles

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STAR HEAT SHIELD (Translucent)Visibility: 75-80%Infrared: 40-50%UV Rays: 75-85%Coverage: 250-280Rs. 25.7-28.7 per sqft
STAR HEAT SHIELD (Frosted)Visibility: 55-60%Infrared: 55-65%UV Rays: 90-95%Coverage: 250-280 sqft
Rs. 27.2-30.4 per sqft
STAR HEAT SHIELD (Transparent)Visibility: 82-87%Infrared: 65-75%UV Rays: 90-95%Coverage: 230-250 sqftRs. 59.2-62.4 per sqft
STAR HEAT SHIELD (2K)Visibility: 78-83%Infrared: 75-85%UV Rays: 93-98%Coverage: 230-250 sqftRs. 60.9-66.2 per sqft
STAR HEAT SHIELD (Double Coat)Visibility: 75-80%Infrared: 92-98%UV Rays: 98-99.9%Coverage: 115-125 sqftN.A.
STAR HEAT SHIELD (Aerosol)Visibility: 87-92%Infrared: 60-65%UV Rays: 85-90%Coverage: As per car TypeN.A

How it Works ?

It works on the principle of reflecting & blocking only UV rays & Ir rays from sun without blocking Visibility of the sun rays

Long lasting protection of 7 Years!

There is no other products like Star Heat Shield available in the market. It provides long lasting protection to the surface and covers more area so it is lighter to your pockets as well. 

Do you have any questions ? Our team of experts is available to answer all your queries.

Star Heat Shield is Easy to Apply

Where Can You Apply ?

Apply on any Glass Surface!

  • Window Panels
  • Glass Doors
  • Frosted Glass
  • Car Windshields
  • Acrylic & Poly-carbonate Materials

Watch the Video to witness the Magic of Star Heat Shield

Few More Benefits of Star Paint Shield

Block 95% UV & IR Rays

The Nano Modified coating forms a transparent layer which reflect these harmful rays back

Save upto 30% Electricity

Reduces seasonal heating/cooling costs. Save on Electricity bills in buildings & Fuel Consumptions in Cars.

Cost Effective & Environment Friendly

Star Heat Shield is a cost effective solution for making your glass buildings & cars cool down

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