Now Cool Your Home by 8.5° C!

Star Cool Shield With its Nano Technology Based Heat Reflective & Insulative features

Will Reduce Surface Temperature up to 22°C & Room Temperature up to 8.5°C

Certified Highest SRI Value 130 in India

The SRI or Solar Reflectance Index is a measure of the solar reflectance. The emissivity of materials that can be used as an indicator of how hot they are likely to become when solar radiation is incident on their surface. The lower the SRI, the hotter a material is likely to become in the sunshine.

SRI Value 130

Certified Highest Solar Reflectance Index in India

How it Works ?

Star Cool Shield creates a coating of air Nano bubbles that insulates & reflects the UV Rays & Infrared rays & makes the walls less heat absorbable which cools down surface temperature of roof & outer walls up to 22oC  & internal temperature get reduce from 4oC to 8.5oC.


With rising heat every summer, increases the duration your AC is switched on. No matter how energy efficient your AC or Cooler is, the electricity bill is always heart breaking.

Star Cool Shield reflects 95% of UV rays from being absorbed by the walls of your house. Thus, your house remains cooler without using any electricity. Star Cool Shield can help you save up to 31% on your next electricity bill.

Apply just 2 coatings of Star Cool Shield and feel the difference yourself.

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This Summer More that 789 Families Have Used Star Cool Shield To Cool Their House!

Spreads 10% more than any other paint!

Star Cool Shield spreads 10% more than any other paint you will use. Unlike any other paint, Star Cool Shield will cover more area and hence will be lighter on your pockets.

Rs 13.49 Per Square Feet

Do you have any questions ? Our team of experts is available to answer all your queries.

Star Cool Shield is Easy to Apply

Applying Star Cool Shield

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Surface

    Scrub and clean all the dust and sirt of the surface to be painted. Wash the surface with high pressure water& leave it to dry.

  • Apply First Coat

    Mix the Cool Coat Activator (Premixed for outstation Order). Dilute the Solution with 25% water. Apply First Coat.

  • Apply Final Coat after 4 Hours

    After letting it dry for 48 hours experience the difference yourself.

Where Can You Apply ?

Multi Purpose Applications

  • Buildings

    Public Houses, Apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Animal Sheds, Hotels,  Restaurants, Cafes, Sports Facilities, Industrial Property, Office/Warehouses.

  • Pipes & Water Tanks

    All types of water pipes and tanks directly exposed to sunlight.

  • All Types of Roof

    RCC, Tile, Asbestos, GI Roof,

    Kota Stone etc.

Watch The Video To Know How Star Cool Shield Does The Cooling Magic

Few More Reasons To Trust Us

Eco Friendly

Certified by US Green Building Council & Indian Green Building Council.

No Primer Required

No need to apply any primer before application of paint.

Corrosion Resistant

Star Cool Shield is resistant to all natural means of corrosion up to 5 years.

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